ASAR Contact

For general information, the Association of Supervisors & Administrators of Rochester can be contacted by:


25 North Washington Street - 4th Floor
Rochester, New York 14614


Office Phone: (585) 262-2130
Office Fax: (585) 262-2137


Tim Cliby
Tim Cliby
John Rowe
John Rowe
1st Vice President
Rebecca Boyle
Rebecca Boyle
2nd Vice President
Bettyjean Callon
Bettyjean Callon
Andy Scott
Andy Scott
Timothy L. Wagner
Timothy L. Wagner
Executive Director

Executive Council Representatives

Executive Directors
Steve LaMorte
Elementary Principals
Susan Ladd
Rhonda Morien
Secondary Principals
Barbara Zelazny
Academy Directors
Coretta Bridges
Directors (Certified)
Dominic Pickard
Colleen Sadowski
Assistant Principals - Elementary
Bill Cronmiller
Joyce Dunn
Stephanie Moore
Lynda Mortis
Assistant Principals - Secondary
Anthony Bianchi
Jacob Scott
Expanded Learning Coordinator
Eric LeRoy
Administrative Specialists
Lynne Hawthorne
Andrew Rosenhack
Donna Enright
Civil Service - Directors
Bandele Akinniyi
Civil Service — Finance
Linda Game
Brian O'Connor
Civil Service - Information Technology
Dave Fitzgerald
Civil Service - General (Central Office)
Karen Petote
Mary Ross
Civil Service - General (Service Center)
Lillie Wilson
Civil Service - Sr. Information Services Business Analyst
Patrick O'Connor
Civil Service - User Support
Executive Director
Tim Wagner

CIAS Panel

ASAR Panel Members


Tim Cliby

Co-Chairperson - ASAR President

Brenda Pacheco

Co-Chairperson - Principal, SOTA

Laurel Avery-Detoy

Principal, School No.8

Linus Guillory

Principal, Northeast College Prep

John Rowe

Executive Director of T&L


District Panel Members


Harry Kennedy

Co- Chairperson - Chief, Human Capital Initiatives

Beverly Burrell-Moore

Chief - Elementary Priority Schools

Shirley Green

Chief - Elmentary Schools

Beth Mascitti-Miller

Chief - Receivership Schools

Amy Schiavi

Chief - Secondary Schools and Programs